Russia and Eastern Europe Fair

Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Other (smaller countries in the area)

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Importers, online stores and supermarket chains

Presentation of the event

Onvinum Asia is a 100% virtual trade fair whose main objective is to bring together wineries from all over the world and Asian buyers.

To guarantee a quality event, our team plans the organisation of the fair well in advance. An extensive prospecting of the international market is carried out in order to select those participants who can best match the demand of wineries and importers, resulting in quality meetings.

Once the potential participants have been selected, My Online Fair contacts the potential participants of the event one by one. In addition, a study of the situation of each participant and their channels of interest is carried out in order to bring together two parties with mutual interest.

Winery profile and selection criteria

With the aim of providing a great service to our wineries and seeking their satisfaction with the event, My Online Fair limits the total number of representatives of attending producers and estimates quotas of participating wineries by regions to limit competition.

Thanks to this limit on participation, a variety in the profile of the participating wineries is achieved, which offers many possibilities to importers and reduces competition between wineries from the same region.
In order to bring together the right wineries and importers, our team needs to know the characteristics and needs of all participants. With all the information gathered, the law of supply and demand is used to look for quality meetings considering the interests of the winery (channel or geographical area) and the importer being the one who selects to have the meeting with the winery.

Therefore, it is essential to take the time to fill in the information that is then used to find importers within the interests of each winery.

Importer profile

In order to select the participating importers, the interests of the wineries are taken into account and the main referents within each market and channel are contacted.

All buyers attending the event have the possibility to buy directly and their representatives have the ability to make the decision.

The fair focuses on online shops, wine store chains, supermarkets, private customer distributors and importers with distribution in these channels.

Organisational procedure

  1. Market research.
  2. Selection of wineries.
  3. Date of registration.
  4. Collection of information and interests.
  5. Promotion of wineries to buyers.
  6. Sending meetings with interested buyers.
  7. Sending of PDF with information on all buyers.
  8. Test of the platform with a member of the My Online Fair team.
  9. Opening of the platform and search for new meetings.
  10. Closing of new meetings.
  11. Sending samples to importers.
  12. Fair attended by the entire My Online Fair team.

The platform

One of the keys to the success of our fairs is to develop a platform that offers a close, real and efficient experience between both parties.

We have an intuitive platform that is very easy to use even if you are not computer literate. Accessing information on importers and wineries is very simple and graphic thanks to the profiles and stands created by the organisation, which include all the necessary information.

Through the platform you will have the possibility to contact the participants directly to request meetings or simply use the chat to have a first contact.

To hold videoconferences, all you need is a camera and a microphone, whatever device you use, and you can connect from any place you prefer. All this in a totally secure way, respecting your privacy.
The videoconferencing system allows you to add as many people as you want to the conversation and offers many other features.

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