Our plattform for the fair

The Stand

Through this visual virtual stand the importers Will be able to promptly Access the information about each of the wineries in the fair.

The stand includes:

  1. General information about the winery.
  2. Manager’s contact data.
  3. Information about the wines presented at the fair.
  4. Corporative video.
  5. Several documents (prices, winery catalogue, tasting sheets, ECO certifications…).
  6. Links to all the social networks and the winery’s web page.
  7. Chat tool through which importers will get in touch with the winery and vice versa.
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Get in touch
with potential buyers

Thanks to the previously gathered information from each importer, wineries will be able to search those which suit with their interests through filters in which all the importers are framed.

Some of these filters include origin country, regions for those countries which require it or distribution channel easing the ideal importer search.

All wineries will receive a PDF with information about the importers and this will be constantly updated as new buyers access the fair. The intention of providing this document is to extend the information which appears at the platform and to give the possibility of having physical information on the importer after being printed.

The contact with the buyers must be done through the chat tool available at the platform and meeting will be arranged depending on the free slots for both parts which is constantly being updated by the system.

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The agenda is embodied by two types of meetings:

Arranged meetings prior to enabling the platform

After marketing all the wineries in the requested markets, importers Will choose those wineries which suit them the most and meetings will be settled.

Accepted meetings at the platform

All the participants will be added to the platform and throughout two weeks meetings will be requested, accepted and rejected.

With all the arranged meetings by the wineries’ representatives and My Online Fair, agendas will be set and closed. The organizer team Will be found available for all the participants to modify schedules if needed.

my online fair

Meetings 1 to 1

Meetings will be held through our platform where the whole videomeeting system is integrated to the agenda. Meetings will last an hour at most and the system is optimized before each event to guarantee its proper functioning

Furthermore, the team performs tests with all the participants before the fair to make sure that there are not devices issues.

Thanks to this system wineries and importers will taste the wines face to face and there are numerous functionalities provided by the platform to enhance the experience. Between those we find:

  1. Screen, PDF or tabs sharing
  2. Partner invitation to the meeting without the need of being
    registered at the platform.
  3. Chat tool
  4. Screenshot and possibility to take photos
  5. Section which allows to confidentially write down notes about the meeting.
my online fair